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How a Car Engine Works

Vehicle engines generate power through the expansion of compressed air in a cylinder – with the help of fuel. Engines also rely on the collaborative efforts of a crankshaft, pistons, piston rods, valves, pulleys, camshaft, and spark plug.

What To Do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

Like most people, you likely want to ignore your check engine light when it suddenly comes on. You also probably catch yourself hoping that the issue will just resolve itself. However, while your engine light can sometimes just mean you have a loose gas cap, other times it could mean there's serious damage.

While your engine light will tell you there's a problem, it won't tell you what's wrong. In their video, NAPA AUTOPRO compare the engine light to a thermometer, which tells you that you have a fever, but doesn't tell you why.

Check Engine Light Video

Engine Air Filter

Your engine air filter cleans the air that enters your engine before it is burned. This system should be cleaned whenever it becomes dirty, and should always be checked during an oil change.

If your engine filter becomes too full of dirt, your vehicle can become damaged. However, luckily, cleaning your engine air filter is one of the cheapest and easiest services we can provide!

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