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The power of heating and cooling systems

Are you struggling to cool your car down in the hot summer heat? Is your air not flowing like it should?

Your auto air conditioning system is made up of many different parts including a compressor, condenser, high-side service port, low-side service port, sensor bulb, receiver/ dryer, expansion valve, and evaporator. And with so many parts, there are a number of things that can go wrong.

Learn more about your AC system and how it functions below:

Service & Repairing Air Conditioning

Did you know that the refrigerant in your air conditioner circulates a special oil that lubricates your air conditioning unit parts? If refrigerant leaks out,the lubricant wont move through the system and your compressor won't receive enough oil to remain protected.

As compressors can be expensive to replace, it's important to inspect your system for leaks and recharge the refrigerant as needed. In fact, refrigerant is the number one way to keep your AC systems working in optimal condition!

AC Corrosion & Moisture

Refrigerant also protects your air conditioning system from corroding due to the build up of moisture. If your system begins to corrode, costly leaks can become an unwanted stressor in your life.

In other words, refrigerant can likely solve most of your heating and cooling concerns.

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Heating and A/C systems can make a world of difference in the winter and summer when temperatures become unbearable.To keep your heating and cooling systems working all year round, it's important to have your hose pipes, controls, radiator, compressor belt, and other parts inspected – so that they're always ready to go.

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