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Erskine’s Service Center offers clients North American Wide, industry leading warranties, at no extra charge, to keep them safe and comfortable 24 hrs a day, 365 day of the year. Erskine’s Service Center also offers 24 hr, no charge, Roadside Assistance anywhere in North America.



We Believe in Maintenance, so much so that we offer a 10 year/400,000km limited powertrain warranty at NO CHARGE!

  • Must Register Before 60,000km or 4 Years
  • Perform Proper Preventative Maintenance stated by NAPA Guidelines at NAPA AUTOPRO Service Centres.

Remember….. This is no charge for a warranty plan that vehicle manufacturers charge 1000’s of $$$ for.

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Emergency Roadside Assistance 1-866-GET-NAPA (1-866-498-6262)

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