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Transmissions are heavy-duty pieces of equipment, however, they can become vulnerable and in need of repair or replacement over time. At Erskine's Service Center, we understand transmissions inside and out – and if an issue pops up that requires extra attention, we have access to the knowledge bases we require to do the job right!

Learn more about your transmission system below:

What is transmission?

A transmission is a machine in your vehicle that provides power. Transmission adapts output from your engine to the wheels of your vehicle so that it will move in a desired direction. In other words, transmission is responsible for your vehicle being able to speed up, slow down, and stop.

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Preventing Transmission Issues

  1. Make Sure You Have Enough Transmission Fluid
    Transmission fluid will cool and lubricate your transmission, helping it to last longer.
  2. Have An Oil Change Done
    Your service centre can provide you with an oil change where your transmission fluid will be checked and topped up if needed.
  3. Replace Your Transmission Fluid On Schedule
    Don't put it off – ask your auto mechanic how often you should be in for a fluid check. You can also find recommendations in your car manual.

Signs You Have A Transmission Problem

If you see any transmission fluid on your driveway or anywhere your car has been parked, you may have a transmission issue that needs addressing.If detected, call us to inspect your vehicle for a leak.

You may also notice you have trouble shifting of steering.

Educational Transmission Videos

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